Stock’s To Watch This Week (NASDAQ: TOPS), (NASDQ: GRPN), (NASDQ: SHLD), (NASDQ: FB) –

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stock345Stock’s To Watch This Week (NASDAQ: TOPS), (NASDQ: GRPN), (NASDQ: SHLD), (NASDQ: FB) –

Last week was another wild week in the stock market, during which the Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered two separate days of one-thousand point declines.

This week things look a lot more optimistic and a lot of opportunities to buy quality high-growth companies.

Below are the companies we recommend as a BUY and long term investments.

NASDAQ: TOPS  Last week TOP Ships had breaking volume of $70 million shares traded. As of today they are over 33k watchers .

That’s enough people to get this thing started. 10,000 shares x 33,000 watch = 330 million shares. The future is very bright for TOPS.

We predict TOPS will trade this week between 100 – 300 Million shares and being one of the most watched stock with potential of over $10 per share.

NASDAQ: GRPN    Daily deals site Groupon is partnering with a parking app in its push toward selling more local experiences over discounted goods.

“Offering convenient parking is an important step towards our vision of building the daily habit in local,” said Jennifer Carr-Smith, senior vice president of North American Local at Groupon.

Investors appear to have welcomed the shift. Groupon shares are up over 59% over the past year. Earrings will be out and Groupon will surprise investors with positive news and stock will sky rocket.

NASDQ: SHLD    Experts are betting that Sears will make it through 2018 without having to resort to a bankruptcy filing by continuing the measures it has used in the past several years, such as monetizing real estate and the new Shop Your Way introduced by hedge-fund-manager chief executive, Eddie Lampert that will compete with Amazon and Walmart

NASDQ: FB   Not much of an introduction is needed for this social media giant. Stock reached all time high.

It has landed on Zacks’s #1 rank of stocks to hold for short and long term return of your investment.

Technology will the best performing group this year according also to many analyst.

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