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Disney Pulls Netflix – CWEB.com

Though Disney had been rumored to be considering starting its own streaming service for some time, it moved quickly on that plan in recent days after an earnings report showed a drop in revenue compared to this time in 2016. While last year saw Disney boast $7 billion in box office receipts, the 2017 theatrical slate has been considerably less lucrative, and the company has been plagued by a rash of cord-cutters from its cable channel offerings, where it earns the majority of its revenue.

Disney, on the other hand, has much of the best content being produced in the Hollywood system so they were either going to buy Netflix or build their own.
So what’s the future? We’re going to have to pay/subscribe to each of these point services (CBS All Access, DisneyStream, Netflix, Hulu, HBO etc).
In that world, the aggregation will happen at the Device/OS level. This is good news for Android TV and Apple TV.


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