Ronnie Wood Cancer –

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4776356821_6d1aa73c5e_b.jpgRonnie Wood Cancer –
Today it was reported that Ronnie Wood has announced he had lung cancer and was ready to say goodbye to his family. He took it off, he didn’t want chemo because he didn’t want to lose his hair, and in a month he’s going on tour. The best thing we can do for the nice stone, the great guitarist, the little recognized artist, is to listen to him. So here’s your first solo album, complete. He had his own album to do. And it’s great, fun and sensitive. That’s Ronnie Wood.
You have to admire the guy, great musician, artist and all around proper geezer! A lifetime of drink, drugs and smokes has made old Ronnie mostly bulletproof just like the rest of The Stones.

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