Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who –

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Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who –

36 seasons and 12 doctors, the title character of “Doctor Who” has finally come into a female body of Jodie Whittaker.

Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Doctor.  The reactions to a female doctor have been surprisingly positive, but the negative reactions are amazing. Men and women alike have been weirdly angry about a female Dr. We have a new show runner and a woman as the Doctor! So please, please just give the show a fresh chance. There are a lot of very angry men who are going to stop watching—who are storming out right now. (Bye!) And if Doctor Who ends up getting cancelled “because they made The Doctor a woman,” it will be used an excuse to not make shows more diverse forever. “Don’t want to end up like Doctor Who.” So please, let’s show the BBC how excited we are for this breath of fresh air and this small move toward more diversity! Let’s all just give this a chance to be really sort of marvelous!

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