Bastille Trump Macron-

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Today the French army marching band injected some EDM-verve into their Bastille Day celebrations in Paris for Presidents Donald J. Trump and Emmanuel Macron.

On July 14th, we celebrate France.

We celebrate what unites us.
We celebrate this absolute taste of independence called freedom.
This ambition to give everyone their chance to be called equality.
This determination not to leave anyone on the side of the path called Brotherhood.

The energy of the French people, the will of the French people, has written our story.

The story of France does not begin on 14 July 1789, but on that day the people showed what ideals he wanted to follow.
Still, in our history, we found this love of the motherland that saved us, that energy to unite us around these ideals.

We also found safe allies, friends, who came to our rescue.
The United States of America is one of them.
That’s why nothing will ever separate us.
The presence at my side of the president of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump and his wife, is a sign of a friendship that passes through time.

I want to thank them, thank the United States of America for the choice made years ago.

In this uncertain world that is ours, democracy, freedom of thought, the right not to be considered according to its religious origin or according to its skin colour, according to its sex, the right to live in safety and to educate its Children, none of this is self-evident.

Here in France and everywhere in the world, it is men and women who have chosen to commit themselves, risking their lives for these rights to live. These men and women are our soldiers, our policemen, our firefighters, our gendarmes, our customs officers are all who protect us.

They are marching on this day of national holiday because they are the army of freedom and rights. Their loyalty, dedication and strength allow us to live according to the rules we have chosen.
I want to thank them for this.
The whole nation thanks you.
I know it’s blood price that’s sometimes paid. I know it’s the dead for France, the dead in the service of France who leave widows and children.

For 100 years almost daily, the republic has taken all these children under its protection. It also protects and assists the children of deportees and, recently, the children of the victims of terrorism. They are the pupils of the nation. They’re here, in front of me, and I’m giving them a warm greeting.

Because the enemies of France, on our soil or elsewhere in the world, have taken you a loved one, France owes you its constant and lasting support.

I also welcome the wounded soldiers who have come today, those who are still hospitalized and those who are gradually returning to a normal life. We are not unaware of the greatness of your sacrifice. You will always find the country by your side in the conduct of your life.

On this national day, our duty is to never forget the price we have paid to conquer our rights, the price we are willing to pay to defend them, for they are the ones who unite us and who make France and Which make France today what it is.

I wish all French people, all the French, to all those who have chosen France and all those who love him, a serene and joyful national holiday.

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