Theresa May Top Aides Resignation –

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Theresa May Top Aides Resignation –

Today Prime Minister May had 3 years of rule guaranteed; instead, she allowed some advisors to persuade her to “throw the dice” in what is the political equivalent of greed. Opportunism is often a winning strategy, but not among those who can think.

The disastrous results for Prime Minister Theresa May came into focus, she had overwhelming popularity within the Tory rank-and-file. But that seems to have already changed.
An unscientific poll of party members by the ConservativeHome website, a popular gathering spot for Tory activists, 60 percent wanted May to step down.
“It’s not clear to me that Theresa May is going to survive the next few days,” said Ian Kearns, co-founder of the European Leadership Network, a London-based think tank. “The level of damage that she’s done to her own brand is immense. The rebellion against her is just getting started.”
If May does go, the timing will be critical. Some in the party were advocating Saturday that she at least be allowed to stay on for the next several months to stabilize the country as it heads into Brexit talks.

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