Saudi Arabia Football Silence Response –

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Saudi Arabia Football Silence Response –

Absolutely disgraceful, where is their shame?! So wrong on so many levels.  In case you don’t know. 17 people were guilty of 9/11 terror attack in the USA  15 of them were Saudi internationals. Saudi Arabia fund ISIS and many other groups such as this. Why the hell is anyone surprised this idiots wouldn’t observe a freaking minute for the London victims?  They are the reason 9/11 happened int he USA also.

Terrorism is destroying the world, physically and mentally, which also means were destroying each other?

Saudi players refuse to line up for minute of silence in memory of Australian victims of Islamic terrorist atrocity in London. Someone forgot to remind them this is not Ramadan, that the world is now civilised, that football is about friendship of people or all the three!

This is a deliberate public display of disrespect to our country and people. We get called racist if we behave outside the rules of being politically correct.

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