Gregg Allman Death –

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Gregg Allman Death –

It is so very saddened to hear of the death of Gregg Allman. To many, he was just one of Cher’s ex-husbands, but actually, he was one hell of a musician. Rock n Roll has lost a legend today.

RIP Gregg Allman
“Sure, there have been [difficult times], but I’ve had lots of good times, too, and that’s what I think of when I look back. If I just thought about the bad things, I’d probably be in the rubber room,” Allman told The Times in 1987. “There’s a great comfort in the music itself. It’s a shame that everybody in life doesn’t have something like that … so that if they fail in business or get your heart broken … you can still play your music. It helps get you through the darkest times. I hope on my death bed that I’m learning a new chord or writing a new song.”

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