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James Comey Testify Senate Panel – CWEB.com

Today Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley leads a hearing on oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. FBI Director James Comey was testifying on capitol hill.

Here are some key points from FBI Director James Comey’s testimony this morning:

-Director Comey staunchly defended his decision to announce the reopening of Hillary’s email investigation in the days leading up to the election.
-He said speaking out was bad, but concealing the information would have been “catastrophic”.
-He also said it makes him “mildly nauseous” to think he may have influenced the election (HA).
-He confirmed (once again) that they “ultimately found nothing that changed our view about [Clinton’s] intent.”

Director James Comey is about as impeccable a public servant as you will find. There’s no political motive on his part. He’s not a partisan person. He serves the american people with integrity and honesty.

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