US Senators White House North Korea –

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US Senators White House North Korea –

It was reported that every single U.S. Senator is heading to the White House to discuss North Korea today. Watch some of what I’ve been saying on the issue, which I intend to share with the administration today.

President Donald Trump has requested a special meeting with the entire Senate at the White House today. All indications point to his looking for permission to go to war over North Korea.

Well it looks like little kim’s ballistic “missile” failed. But the poor little mentally incompetent fellow will try again. At this point there is no intercontinental ballistic missile. But so far the ones north korea is launching.

Kim Jong-Un has, by all appearances, broken from a predictable cycle of escalation demonstrated by previous leaders, where the regime takes a provocative action, draws the U.S. into a negotiation, and extracts concessions. Instead, Kim appears willing to risk the disapproval of the U.N. and our regional allies by undertaking a breakneck testing program.

The president has made clear that a North Korea that is armed with a nuclear-armed missile — a capability they have yet to test — is unacceptable to us and threatens our vital national security interest. Thus, in order to allow the Senate to better understand this threat, I asked the administration to brief all Senators on the issue, and the president graciously offered to hold the meeting at the White House. I encourage all Senators to attend this afternoon’s meeting.


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