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Fox News Sean Hannity –

Today Fox News journalist and host  Sean Hannity says accusations of sexual harassment from a former Fox News contributor are “100% false and a complete fabrication.”

A letter from Mr. Sean Hannity.

“The individual has not just slandered me over the years but many people who this individual disagrees with,” Hannity wrote. “This individual desperately seeks attention by any means necessary, including making unfounded personal attacks and using indefensible and outrageous political rhetoric.”
He went on to threaten legal action against Schlussel. “My patience with this individual is over. I have retained a team of some of the finest and toughest lawyers in the country who are now in the process of laying out the legal course of action we will be taking against this individual. In this fiercely divided and vindictive political climate I will no longer allow slander and lies about me to go unchallenged, as I see a coordinated effort afoot to now silence those with conservative views. I will fight every single lie about me by all legal means available to me as an American.”

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