American Airlines San Francisco video –

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American Airlines San Francisco video –

A video shows a woman sobbing with her baby after she was allegedly hit by an American Airlines flight attendant who “violently” tried to remove her stroller. The accused man almost got into a fight with another flyer too.

Check back story developing ……..

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  1. All this over them taking her stroller which she should not of had inside the plane to began with. Can we all say she is overacting so they feel sorry for her and let her have her way. Rules people, they have them for a reason. I surely don’t want to be seated beside someone trying to cram a stroller and baby in their seat blocking my passage if I need to get up. I’m so sick of these whining cry babies. The baby seemed more in control than the mother and it for sure didn’t seemed injured. As for the man flapping his mouth, sit your a$$ down and mind your own business. The the employee bucked back he sat his a$$ down.

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