Soda stroke dementia risk –

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Soda stroke dementia risk –

Wondered if drinking soda really impacted your health? A new study shows soda and diet soda have an impact on the brain, including higher risks for dementia and stroke.

Dementia risk 3 times higher among daily diet soda drinkers. If you drink that garbage, stop now.

Stay away from fake sugars!! They mess with your gut and could be doing other things to you too. If you need fizz drink selzter water. Otherwise just get a good water filter from Water Filter Company and drink the good stuff.

Although we cannot “prove” diet drinks as a cause from this kind of study, there are many plausible biological mechanisms – the negative impact of artificial sweeteners on the gut microbiome as well as the fact that these sweeteners are not inactive – they actually stimulate taste receptors in the gut which in turn can stimulate the production of many hormones including insulin.


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