Paris shooting –

One police officer has been killed and second wounded in a shooting on the Champs Elysees in central Paris, policeĀ in France is reporting.

Another tragic situation in Paris. One police officer has been pronounced dead. šŸ˜„ Europe is on high alert with all the current goings on in France and Great Britain. Spain and Portugal seem to be at calm right now, which is good for me as my travel plans to Madrid and Lisbon are in the coming days.

Prayers for the people in Paris tonight.

Conspiracy theory is suggesting that trained group from Russian / Chechnya trained operatives have come to Paris for this attack so they can tip the election to benefit right wing party. Recent comments analyzed by intelligent officials and how Razman Kadyrof the leader of Chechnya was very critical of Europe and praising Russia. He also suggested that Europe has been very unfair to his friend Putin. Letā€™s not forget that the most wishes and deadly force of ISIS are coming from Chechnya.


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