Marine Le Pen immigration –

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Marine Le Pen immigration –

Today the Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen sought on Tuesday to turn the debate nasty in the final week of France’s presidential election to immigration as she looked to reverse a dip in polls.

Marine Le Pen gave a hard line speech blasting mass immigration in front of a frenzied crowd of supporters in Paris on Monday night. The far right candidate said the French were no longer at home in France.
She also took aim at the burkini (“an Islamist provocation”), promised to cap the number of legal immigrants in France at 10,000 a year, and said the Paris and Nice terror attacks wouldn’t have happened if she were president.

She added: “Mass immigration is not an opportunity for France, it’s a tragedy for France.

But we have to remember that France has a dark history of colonialization so is hard for somebody like Le Pen to speak about immigration.


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