Tomi Lahren Glenn Beck countersue –

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Tomi Lahren Glenn Beck countersue –

Tomi Lahren is fighting a battle she probably will not win. She’s still being paid by Glenn Beck. She’s suing him now because she says she’s been locked out of her personal Facebook account and is banned from entering her office. Lahren needs to remember how heartless and cruel she was when she spoke of those with whom she has disagreed in the past. I think the old adage, “What goes around,comes around” applies to her current situation.

TheBlaze is a corporation, privately held, and not a branch of any government agency of any lever: Federal, State, county or Municipal; therefore the 1st Amendment does not apply to here and she has not been “fired;” just removed from airing her hour-long program while still being paid. TheĀ 1st Amendment right to free speech because the right to free speech relates to the government prohibiting citizens the right to speak on any subject. Beck’s company is not a government entity.


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