Snapchat Poor Country –

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Snapchat poor country –

“Poor countries like India” statement from Snapchat CEO faces a massive hit on Play Store. App’s ratings drop to one star. I don’t use Snapchat, and I’m pretty happy about it right now.  The CEO stated “the app is only for rich people. I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain”.

Disgusting. India is the biggest market and they earn from us still calling us poor. Shame on you Snapchat and I will definitely delete #snapchat .

Whether some CEO says this is or not, nothing will change the facts. It’s an inappropriate and irresponsible quote to make  no matter how but brutally honest he feels.


Today 4/17/2017 Snapchat issued the following statement :

“This is ridiculous,” the company said in a statement. “Obviously, Snapchat is for everyone. It’s available worldwide to download for free. Those words were written by a disgruntled former employee. We are grateful for our Snapchat community in India and around the world.”

Story Developing…..

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