Javier Duarte De Ochoa Guatemala – CWEB.com

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Javier Duarte De Ochoa Guatemala – CWEB.com

Arrested Javier Duarte in Guatemala. Former Governor of veracruz accused of anything else leave bankrupt the state, illicit enrichment, and disappearance of people, among many other crimes that are attributed to the and their families, as well as their families, without a doubt is waiting for you a long Legal Battle, now just wait what will be the outcome of this legal battle that barely starts.

Y el puto de López Dóriga decía que estaba en Canadá para despistar pero se le pelo no si estos disque periodistas son unas calabazas

In the Partido Encuentro Social celebrate the arrest of the former governor of Veracruz Javier Duarte of Ochoa, which occurred a few hours ago in panajachel, Guatemala.


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