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United Airlines flight passenger – CWEB.com

Today United Airlines’ CEO Oscar Munoz says he won’t resign after a passenger was forcibly removed from a flight and he see no reason that this can be his fault.

The passenger who was dragged from an United Airlines flight is 69-year-old grandfather Dr David Dao.

The internal medicine specialist father-of-five who was beaten and dragged off an overbooked United flight as CEO pens ‘tone deaf’ email DEFENDING staff.

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  1. I will NEVER fly UNITED again. I will also share the video of the horrendous abuse Dr. Dao incurred every single day for the rest of the year. I am appalled at not only the behavior of the officers but also the CEO whom is NOT taking this matter as seriously as he should… I don’t care that Dr. Dao has a past. Don’t we all? He did NOTHING, do you understand NOTHING to provoke this violent act bestowed upon him. UNITED GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE BECAUSE YOU’RE GOING TO NEED IT.

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