Tomas Yarrington Italy –

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Tomas Yarrington Italy –

Today Fugitive Mexican Ex-Governor, Wanted in U.S., Is Captured in Italy World Tomás Yarrington Ruvalcaba, who had been on the run for five years, faces money laundering and racketeering charges. The Mexican government should be commended for the capture of the fugitive governor Tomas Yarrington in Italy. Yarrington’s detention is an important milestone in efforts to prevent corrupt government officials from facilitating the conduct of cartel traffickers. The prosecution of corruption by high ranking government officials, even years after the crimes were committed, is critical to disrupting cartel trafficking and the violence with which it is associated.

The capture and prosecution of Tomas Yarrington will help restore peace to Tamaulipas. I am hopeful that law enforcement officials from the United States and Mexico will marshal all of their diplomatic resources to ensure that Yarrington is extradited to the United States and that the federal criminal process be allowed to take its course.

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