Coral Gables Florida mall shooting –

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Coral Gables Florida mall shooting  –

The crime started in the Village of Merrick Park mall in Coral Gables and put restaurants, shops, and department stores Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus on lockdown, the paper reported.
The shooter opened fire inside the Equinox fitness center around 1 p.m.
Shed Boren told the paper he had just left, and heard the shooter was a disgruntled trainer.
“I heard from my trainer that it was a trainer that had been let go,” he said. He said the victims were the general manager and a trainer.
Their conditions were not known. 
A very interesting point of view from a person leaving next to the mall: The Coral Gables Mall in the middle of the day!! This reminds me of The Dadeland mall massacre in the 80s. It shocked the nation. Now in South Florida these gangs of kids under the age of 17 have been killed in Miami Gardens. They have Automatic weapons, but not old enough to get a drivers license. They do bike byes instead of drive byes.  This violence has to stop, it is way outta hand when 80 kids get shot!!!! Very scary, pray for the families of the dead and injured. Still an active scene, still sweeping the mall.

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