Amber Rudd Whatsapp encryption –

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Amber Rudd Whatsapp encryption –

Amber Rudd has engaged in another attack on people’s security by suggesting that companies must be able to ‘remove’ encryption.

In one hand the British Government says that they need to make WhatsApp accessible because the terrorist suspect used it right before the attack. Then you say in the same interview that he worked alone despite claims from ISIS that he worked with them.

So which one is it?

Also why did not the MI5 and MI6 prevent this terror attack? The criminal Khlaid Masood had many video posting on the internet making criminal allegations which was not even encrypted!

Look this is an excuse to force personal encryption services to once again allow the UK Government unfettered access to personal communications.

Lastly is seems very weird that the British Government doesn’t want to look into the server’s of Julian Asagne and see how does he get his information that he uses against the U.S. Government!

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