erdogan turkey minister netherlands –


erdogan turkey minister netherlands –

Every country has idiots that support Erdogan and if Turkey continues this bullshit Geert Wilders should have enough votes soon enough. If Turks feel this strongly about Erdogan, you should go back to Turkey. The biggest winner is now Putin, NATO is disassembling and politics is genuinely becoming childish.

It is the current Turkish administration who are copying the tactics of the Nazis: manufacture an ‘attempted coup’ and use it as an excuse to crack down on your political enemies and assume emergency executive powers. Hitler did exactly what Erdogan & Co are trying to do now.

The Turkish administration are using the cover of the war against ISIS (with whom they have more than a little sympathy) to pursue a policy of ethnic cleansing against the Kurdish people.

Finally, our friends, The Dutch, were victims of Nazism, and have got a far better track record in terms of human rights and respect of international laws and treaties than certain others we can all think of.

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